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Dreamy Hip Hop lofi-electro with ”Breeze” from Locke Aizen

Chicago emcee Locke Aizen is a fan of a few genres and you can get lost in his music easily. The dew-tipped pleasurable beats that make me so chilled inter-lock like a web of tricks on my heart. This is lofi-hip hop with lots of experimental legs to bite your earlobes just a little.

Breeze” does exactly what the name states. This new track from the US artist breezing into my soul and doesn’t unlatch in the slightest. This is the follow up to the smoky-filled ”Clouded’‘ a song that is also produced effortlessly by Keagz.

Locke Aizen flows in with his new creation ”Breeze” and I am highly impressed here. There is a sad realization here that perhaps he can’t be with the person he feels he should be. The vibes are solid here and this is a terrific song for 2020 to stop the decline.

Let the breeze in your ears here on Soundcloud.

Head to Bandcamp to support this fine young artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen