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Just Getting Started: Sb Hunt snaps hard on the breath-catching ‘Undercover’ (prod. woodpecker)

Taken from his 11-track album Step 1 to Saving the World, Sb Hunt tells us the story about being so underrated that he just keeps grinding and smiling no matter what those fools are thinking with Undercover (prod. woodpecker).

Sb Hunt aka Snowbunny Hunt is a location private-based indie hip hop artist who demands that we will turn him up no matter what you heard before.

I’m just now realizing that my life will not be what it needs to be for me and everyone around me without music, so this is my shot of changing many lives.” ~ Sb Hunt

Breaking open the gate with just enough stealth so that not even a curious kitty cat could hear the clink, Sb Hunt is quite tremendous here and gives further evidence to the previously unsure. He possesses a mighty rap armour that has so much power and strength, that has been produced to expert perfection on this vibe-with-soundtrack to 2022..

Undercover (prod. woodpecker) from location private-based indie hip hop artist Sb Hunt is one of the best underground tracks you are likely to hear this year. There is a pulsating edge on offer that shows us someone who is so hungry to be at the top right now. After teaching us ninja-like flows and entertaining moments that might hurt your ears, this is a monumental single that will awaken all of your spirit in order to be the best version of yourself possible.

Turn this up loud on SoundCloud and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen