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Thank God In The Morning: UK rapper THE MiiRACLE YV gives genuine thanks on ‘Hopeful’

As he looks up to the beautiful blue sky above and shows his immense appreciation for still being alive, THE MiiRACLE YV shows us that he will always stay honest and never live the life that so many have unwisely created on ‘Hopeful‘.

MiiRACLE YV is a highly motivated and brand new UK-based indie rapper who has kept his exact location hidden for now.

There is much to like about such a talented rapper who truly knows that he isn’t a saint, but is a good soul nonetheless. He flows like a man who is ready to really make an impact – and to inspire the youth – to avoid those pressured potholes that can take you down forever if you stumble into them.

On a catchy beat that has been made with a real purpose – this is a tremendous experience to wake up so many sleepy ears – who need a dose of real truth to help them shine authentically again. There are other options than taking the easy route after all.

Hopeful‘ from the UK indie hip-hop artist MiiRACLE YV, shows us a creative artist on a mission to get to where he knows he needs to be. With so many temptation-filled streets calling his name – he knows that to look in the mirror without shame each time he brushes his teeth – keeping himself accountable for his actions is the smart way to live.

This is the type of track to play when you need to feel some extra inspiration again, to keep on going on your path until those gold-tinted treasures are shiny and rightly in your glowing hands.

Check out this new single on his Spotify and get a sense of what comes next on the IG visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen