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Ember Rev has unveiled their grungy art-rock shanty, Dives & Lazarus

The synthy, innocent playfulness of Grandaddy meets the indie country twang of Modest Mouse in the latest spacey feat of experimentalism from Ember Rev, Dives & Lazarus.

After the synthesised shanty vibes, towards the outro, the Alt 90s Seattle sound seeps into the kaleidoscopic off-kilter production that also starts to pick up reminiscences to Queens of the Stone Age. Similarities to iconic sonic palettes aside Ember Rev is evidently a trailblazer in their own right.

With their new album, Isophilia, due to be released in July, it is well worth saving a spot for the self-proclaimed “nervous and neurotic accordion-driven” art-rock UK-hailing outfit. I knew there was a reason why the obscurity of Dives & Lazarus was so enamouring in its resonance.

Check out Ember Rev’s latest release by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Psychedelic Exploration Vibrations: Mr.Eos hatch mind-bending planetary travel soundscapes on ‘Harvest Moon’

With a sound that makes you feel like you are floating in space, Mr.Eos dazzle our perspective with their supremely elevating new single called ‘Harvest Moon‘.

New Jersey, USA electronic/guitar two-piece Mr.Eos, are all about creating love and understanding with their unique mixture of potent music fusion, that sets the bar in terms of elevating creativity to a whole new level.

The layers here are quite terrific and the mystique only gains extra traction the more you really listen deeper, this is a cinematic track that will surely be in movies or series sooner rather than later.

You feel like you are exploring freely in this track, the mixture of electro, guitar and at times elements of drum and bass, jogs your memory to find similar experiences as this, the truly remarkable creation is a rare gem in this copycat world.

Harvest Moon‘ from New Jersey’s fascinating two-piece act Mr.Eos, is the hallmark of fusing different sounds to bend our ears to hear new heart-warming psychedelic sounds, to give us hope again after a dark twelve months.

Stream this galaxy-exploring track on Soundcloud and see more IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Guspy – Sublingual: Playfully Pensive Lo Fi Psychedelic Indie

Is there anything trippier than a lo fi psychedelic indie jazz track from a bedroom musician? Probably not, which is why it was all too easy to fall into the cathartic grasps of the latest track by Guspy ‘Sublingual’ which was released August 20th.

If you could imagine Frank Zappa under a more bluesy groove, with plenty of dampened funk layered into the track, you’d get an idea of how transiently peaceful Sublingual is. You won’t find a lot of tracks you can listen you as easily as breathing, yet under the 18-year-old Los Angeles-based performers command the melodies float through the seamless progression. Vocally, the track couldn’t have got much more sonorous, there was plenty of playfully pensive emotion written into the lyrics around the soft drive of the beat.

You can check out Guspy’s latest track Sublingual for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now where you’ll also find the rest of the tracks from Guspy’s 2018 album ‘Pilgrim’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast