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Sin clocks out on capitalism in his indie hip hop lyrical heavy-hitter, Deskjob

Now and again, a completely new rap voice emerges, which oozes with authentic personality and cuttingly fresh diction. Most recently, it was the up-and-coming artist Sin, with his latest single, Deskjob.

The Toronto-based rapper, songwriter, and producer bit back at late-stage capitalism with bruising bars, such as, “fuck a deskjob, I’m never doing that, I’d rather die than just be a fucking peasant for a whack bitch”. While the lo-fi indie-vibe instrumentals brought yet another addictively original element to the galvanising track that is arguably better than anything Eminem has released in recent years. It’s raw. It’s real. Its earworm nature begs for repeat attention.

Deskjob is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Udoka Malachi – Purple Sky Sunday: Dreamily Distorted Vibe-Out Alt Hip Hop

Alt Hip Hop artist Udoka Malachi served up a delectable genre-mashing urban hit with their latest single “Purple Sky Sunday” which dropped on September 20th.

With elements of Lo-Fi Indie, 90s Grunge, RnB, Pop and Hip Hop weaved into the mix, you’ll get a multi-faceted hit of aural nostalgia, but at its core, Purple Sky Sunday is an immensely fresh track. Every evolving progression will leave you more in awe of the artist’s unapologetically bold experimentalism. The best part? None of the accessibility was hindered despite the devilish aural curveballs thrown into the ambient vibe-out mix.

The lyrical melody to Purple Sky Sunday has stuck to my synapses like superglue and the dreamy distorted guitars ensured that the track stole a significant proportion of my soul.

You can check out Udoka Malachi’s release Purple Sky Sunday via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast