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Happy K-O – Without Privilege: Lo Fi Downtrodden Harmony

I get the feeling that Happy K-O is actually quite angry if their latest release is anything to go by. The lyrics to Happy K-O’s new track Without Privilege are pure venom. Yet, that doesn’t translate in an abrasively noxious. The two artists experimental approach to their sound creates a downtrodden harmony like you’ve never heard before. The Lo Fi quality to the track undoubtedly gives the Indie Punk anthem a reticent edge that millennials will indisputably want to eat up.

I really wasn’t expecting such intrinsic and rhythmic instrumentals to the track, however the progressive nature of the track brought you up to the climax using grinding riffs which they drowned in reverb, yet you could hear the guitar hero nature of the two guitarists and vocalists as the track drew to a close. The arrangements that the multi-layered sound is comprised upon offer a textured meander through the evocative fury offered by the Colorado Springs based artists.

So, if you’re a fan of Lo Fi Experimental Punk Rock you can check out Happy K-O’s pioneering masterpiece of a track Without Privilege on YouTube,

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Review by Amelia Vandergast