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Transcend to a new distorted dimension with the post-rock instrumentals in Bundle of His’ latest single, Patches

Úr Ur by Bundle Of His

If Grandaddy dialled the polyphonic distortion and fuzz up to 11, their sweet synthy melodies would be as infectiously muddy as the electro post-rock tones in the latest single, Patches, from the artist and producer, Bundle of His.

With a touch of Kraftwerk melded into his intrinsically authentic instrumental hits, the Outer Hebrides-based artist pushes the envelope beyond the limits most dare to, and his instrumental lo-fi tracks are all the more alluring for it.

After an illness got in the way of the artist playing bass in various bands in Glasgow and the Outer Hebrides, it is safe to say Bundle of His didn’t fail to bring his bass-driven ingenuity to life as a producer.

Patches was officially released on January 1st. It is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nocturnal Omissions – Safety Demonstration: Dark Lo-Fi Chill-Wave.

Nocturnal Omissions

‘Safety Demonstration is just one of the standout dystopic darkwave singles that feature on the latest album to be released by the electronica artist and producer Nocturnal Omissions.

The solo artist first burst into NYC’s underground alternative scene in the early 00s before becoming Myspace famous; with five albums under his belt and plenty more EPs to boot, Nocturnal Omissions has continued to hone in on his craft. To stay true to authentic expression, each of his albums offers a different sonic twist.

Tempus Destinatum follows on from his electronic post-rock album, Transientalism which unravels as a melodic feat of lo-fi post-rock. With his latest album, he’s borrowed elements from chill-wave hip hop pioneers before infusing them with his domineeringly dark signature edge.

Check out Nocturnal Omissions via the official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Escape with Sentry’s lo-fi future bass track, ‘Take Me Away’.

UK-based electronica producer Sentry may only be two months on from his debut release, but he’s already racking up streams like there’s no tomorrow with their entrancing feats of lo-fi future bass.

His recently released single, ‘Take Me Away’, is a stunning showcase of his ability to lead listeners away from external chaos and douse them in the serenity of aural euphoria. What starts as an immersion into a tranquil pool of reverb-drenched synth ambience, seamlessly evolves into an ensnaring tidal wave of visceral emotion and harsh snares. Only when you reach the outro, you realise what a profound experience Take Me Away was. Your first hit definitely won’t be your last.

You can escape with Take Me Away by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Devious Dreams – Learn to Fly: Cathartically Light Lo-Fi Downtempo Electronica.

Up and coming artist Devious Dreams’ latest Lo-Fi Downtempo Electronica mix “Learn to Fly” is proof that experimentalism and ambience can comfortably and concordantly go hand in hand.

Right from the prelude, you’ll feel the magnetic pull of the jazzy warm tones which resonate with a sensuous evocative appeal. For the rest of the mix, you’ll be guided through the mellifluous melodies which will leave you in a transient haze by the time the track has faded to a close. Even though there are some unexpected aural curveballs in Learn to Fly, it’s still all too easy to surrender your consciousness to this captivating mix.

You can check out Learn to Fly for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

There’ll be plenty more to come from Devious Dreams in 2020. Make sure to follow the artist via Social media to keep up to date with new releases.

SC: @deviousdreams

Review by Amelia Vandergast