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BoogieLo has recently dropped a new release: HAHA

BoogieLo has just dropped a brand new studio work named HAHA. This release has a loud and energetic twist to it, and it has a presence in the mix that immediately makes it stand out! BoogieLo is very articulate, and his vocals are well-matched to the instrumental. The lyrics are also incredibly deep and easy to relate to, highlighting BoogieLo’s ability to express his feelings and commit them to music in a very special way.

BoogieLo makes music that fans of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Tyler The Creator and Lloyd Banks will definitely connect with. Yet, he cannot easily be lumped in with other artists, given the personal twist that makes releases such as HAHA so special and appealing.

Find out more about BoogieLo, and check out HAHA, which is currently available to stream here.