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Llectronic drops a pulsating song that shall shake the dust off on Impermanence

Taken off the 13-track album called ElectrogenesisLlectronic has released a mood transforming single to heal with called Impermanence.

Llectronic is a North West, UK-based electronic artist, music producer and multi-instrumentalist who is adept at making those influential songs you can’t ever forget.

Blending ambient sounds and instruments from different cultures into contemporary music to create dramatic soundscapes you can dance to.” ~ Llectronic

Shuddering our earlobes and tickling our fancy, Llectronic has found the sweet spot and doesn’t let the moment pass for a second. There is a sizzling song inside here that might burn your fingers if you aren’t too careful. Short-lived but hardly forgettable, if you are looking for an electronic experience to swim inside, here is your cure.

Impermanence from North West, UK-based electronic artist/producer and multi-instrumentalist Llectronic is a marvellous creation that has been lifted from a place of peace that is taking us into a better world. After all the cold and darkness, it feels like this is the call for calmness to restore properly into our lives through a tremendously smooth beat-that seems to shake all the bad energy out like a duster.

Bringing us something to hold on to when everything else is burning, shall change your mood’s infrastructure.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen