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Livia McKee feels like the right approach was taken in the end on ‘LOST IT’ (feat. SIGHTLINES)

Dissecting the moment when she decided that the time was right to move on from her former flaky lover, Livia McKee navigates us into this sadly-familiar story when you didn’t want to get let down again on ‘LOST IT(feat. SIGHTLINES).

Livia McKee is a Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter who makes that pure and smooth music that lights up your day when your frown was kinda grey.

Expresses the meaning of love and life from her perspective as growing up as a military dependent moving around the globe constantly.” ~ Livia McKee

Gliding blissfully with a transparent vision that sees everything for what it was as the attention moves on to a new place and time, Livia McKee and SIGHTLINES integrate rather tremendously together to bring 2022 something rather special. With a saucy beat that rattles your creaking bones together and featuring excellent vocals, this is a track for anyone who is relieved that they closed the door on something unhealthily poisonous.

LOST IT(feat. SIGHTLINES) from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter Livia McKee shows us a way out of any potential heartbreak that is threatening to break you in half and sap the bark off your sweet soul. This is a former relationship fueled daydream that has you into a real state of reflection, that shows you which path you might have taken if you didn’t look twice before crossing the road.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen