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SVLEM return with the speaker-hugging Live Session (Nevermore + Adore & Devour)

Risking it all again with a lineup change that has provided exhilarating results, SVLEM shows us deep inside the vision with a recording from their recent experience at Housefox Studios, with Live Session.

SVLEM is an Australian indie alternative metal project who like it raw and loud as they take us back to the underground with a sterling presentation.

The band that’s bound to put a spell on you has already set Australia’s radest venues on fire alongside Carmeria, Victoria K and Temtris to name a few and has successfully financed their Live Session thanks to their growing fan base.” ~ SVLEM

Showing us what we have been missing out on with a powerful portrayal your heart was waiting for, SVLEM trigger our senses awake and dominates proceedings with a terrific display that hits dizzy heights of intrigue.

Live Session from Australian indie alternative rock/metal outfit SVLEM is a thunderous performance from a band who would certainly play live even if a tornado was close by. Pulsating eardrums and shocking many with their rugged new music, this is a release that will please those who love things rather raucous and in your face.

See the new video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen