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Which Blunt Should I Smoke: Kid Lennon (ft. Afroman and YHK De$tin) sparks up the happy vibes again on ‘Cuz I’m High’

Bringing us the the official ‘Because I Got High‘ Remix via his much-awaited Cosmic Wire debut, Kid Lennon lights up our imagination and brings us back to a classic time when all worries could be smoked away on ‘Cuz I’m High(ft. Afroman and YHK De$tin).

Barrett Tarr aka Kid Lennon aka Chief Peace, is a California-based hip-hop artist, show host and live painter. He is joined joyously on this red-eyed release by the legendary American rapper Afroman and also recording artist/cannabis enthusiast YHK De$tin.

In collaboration with Afroman and YHK De$tin, the specially-chopped, downtempo single ‘Cuz I’m High’ serves as the certified sequel to the timeless record that put weed legalization in motion 21 years ago.” ~ Kid Lennon

This is the super high story of not getting much done as you keep on rolling one up with your buddies, to keep your day real mellow and without any unnecessary issues. The energy is so crisply rolled here and you can’t help but nod your head to let our that goofy grin you have been hiding – as the vibe here all is all love – and dusts off a worldwide hit track that is an all-time stoner hall of fame single.

Cuz I’m High‘ from Kid Lennon (ft. Afroman and YHK De$tin), is that stoner anthem that takes you to places you fondly remember back in 2001. With a new twist and a lot of laughs, this is a smoked-up remix for the ages that will certainly have you trying to find your favorite lighter that you lost.

Life can be so simple if you just keep it chilled, while playing a track like this to take the edge of your stressful day.

Hear this new 420 friendly track on Spotify and check out Kid’s IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen