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Looping in the garden: Welsh artist Munki amazes our brains with the live video ‘Sit By The Hillside’

Munki gives us a song to fully immerse our hearts in with his live looping single shot in his family garden in Wales called ‘Sit By The Hillside‘.

Theodore Burn aka Munki is an original multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from the deep forests of beautiful South West Wales. After recently moving to bustling Bristol in England (before lock down hit), he is on a mission to make us much authentic music as humanly possible.

Predominantly a drummer and percussionist, this is an artist who only uses natural instruments and this earthy atmosphere makes you gaze up above and dream of good vibes.

With a 4 track EP on the way, working on around 5 projects, a new studio getting set up and music videos on the horizon, it feels like the momentum is starting to happen with this artist and with his Papa on the video edit, its a family effort.

If he can get his music business plan in sync with the high standard of what we hear, this is an artist that can do what he loves all over the world. Being on YouTube and all the big streaming platforms is needed but this probably part of his master plan. You can tell that this is an extremely talented artist who has that extra quality deep inside his soul and he loves what he does.

The amount of music intricacies blows your mind as he is like a classical artist, each part of the song has been carefully planned with organic nature taking him on a journey that is so varied and wonderfully made. You will be tapping your feet to this for hours and trying to work out what is really going in is like piecing an exciting jigsaw together.

Munki is quite masterful on the almost 8 minute live looping lesson on ‘Sit By The Hillside‘. This is music to recharge with naturally, sit in the garden with and enjoy with friends and family with birds tweeting in the background. Life is okay again with music like this from the Welsh wizard.

See his live loop vibe via the Facebook video page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen