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Smooth Retsina Glow clears our head as the fresh path awaits on ‘Live it up’

Taken from their 3rd studio album called ‘Metapahysical‘, Smooth Retsina Glow groove it up with a song all about moving onto greener pastures that will sooth the soul again for that all-important upliftment as they ‘Live it up‘.

Smooth Retsina Glow is a Lehigh Valley, USA-based 3-piece alternative band who are known as one of the hardest working acts around.

Surviving everything from line up changes, a pandemic, and lockdowns.” ~ Smooth Retsina Glow

After thrilling us with their previous single about taking a chance with ‘Something to Show for This‘, Smooth Retsina Glow is at their delightful best with an upbeat single that shall open the light again from the window that has been shut for too long.

Live it up‘ from the prolific Lehigh Valley, USA-based 3-piece alternative band Smooth Retsina Glow is a song that will have you finding all those goals you wrote on your notepad years ago. With a happy vibe and a tone that shall take you into a positive frame of mind, this is one of those songs to play on full voltage when you are heading into a new destination.

Realizing when you need to turn the page is the key to all future contentness.

Listen up to this new single on YouTube and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen