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I Was Born to the Sea has been released from Sister Hyacinth by Little God Swamp

Sister Hyacinth by Little God Swamp

Little God Swamp has released their latest piece ‘I Was Born to the Sea’, pulling that Rock essence and infusing that into this slow piece.

Through this piece it takes you on a bit of a roller coaster through the many elements of sound, halfway through there is a little pause as the first half draws to an end, just when you think that it comes the second half and it’s done in such a different way.

It’s rather peculiar as you listen because it does take you by surprise with the way it changes. The first half is just solely based on instruments, having the rather relaxing riffs on the guitar and this rather peaceful way about it with the use of sound.

As the pause fades out faintly in the background comes the fairly quiet and raucous vocals that escape through that eerie instrumental, as the song begins to embrace a more up-tempo instrumentation and the use of different tones through the vocals.

Be sure to listen to this mysterious, dark piece by Little God Swamp, it’ll take you on a journey for sure.

Listen to I Was Born to the Sea by Little God Swamp by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall