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What are you running from: MacKenzie Grant tells the true story of growing up too quick on ‘Little Girl’

Taken off her glorious comeback album called ‘Wonder World‘, MacKenzie Grant is so real on the story of the ‘Little Girl‘ trying to run away and find her own path.

Intimate singer-songwriter, pianist, artist, educator, counselor and loving Mother MacKenzie Grant, is an Upstate New York-born, Berklee College of Music in Boston graduate and Nashville, Tennessee-based creative, who is on a meaningful path to spread her loving message all over the world.

Her voice is so caring, firm but fair and so very sweet, her personal experiences and counseling work with various families of all backgrounds means that she has seen a lot. Perhaps too much for now.

Her path back to music feels like a road she has dreamed of for a while now, her love of performing and projecting her art helps her to heal inside, each word is so meaningful and loving, as she explores the world’s human condition and learns about herself again too.

Little Girl‘ from the wondrous voice of MacKenzie Grant, is a striking story about growing up so fast, making mistakes and then trying to run away from them, rather than dealing the issue and taking on whatever consequences come your way as a learning experience. This is a tough lesson for all of us whether we are young or old, but the only way to make sure that you can move on inside your heart and start the healing process faster.

Life can be an ever-winding road sometimes and getting away seems like the best idea at the time. As you grow older you realize that this is the worst way to go and having someone close to guide you, really helps you find that calming road to redemption.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see her journey back into music on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen