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London singer Max RM’s ‘Little Bird’ is a fantastic self-reflective indie journey

Max RM is back with his latest song and this is such a peaceful listen called ‘Little Bird‘.

This is the London singer’s 2nd single following up from this debut called ‘Wayside‘. A new name on the scene, this new song shows maturity and the guitar rhythm puts me into a mellow zone. It’s time to fly and leave sometimes, just like a little bird. You just know when it’s time to leave and fly to a new journey in your life. Sometimes you can take that love for granted and mess it all up.

I love the chilled energy here and we are taken into a story of love and regret. However, we can’t get a happy ending in life. You think about the person all the time and wish you could of done things differently. Sadly, this was not to be.

Max RM from London is a new talent who has brought out a super indie-folk single here and the UK artist has our attention.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hot Potato Band’s ‘Little Bird’ Will Get You Moving

I am sitting in a coffee shop with my headphones as I am writing this music review – immediately after pressing play, I noticed my head couldn’t stop moving and my feet were tapping on the wooden floor – people were looking at me a little bit, but I didn’t really care, because “Little Bird” is one of those tracks that want to make you move unapologetically. Hot Potato Band set out to create a unique sonic texture by combining great pop and R&B with funk and “Big Band” sounds. Think of what would happened if Maroon 5 where to jam with Vulfpek!

The result is a driven, eclectic and bright sound with a positive atmosphere and a really stunning groove, perfect to appeal to listeners of all walks of life.

The song has a driven and edgy feel, but it takes a step back in the bridge, toning it down a notch only to bring it back later on into the mix! It’s not easy to create catchy music without sounding trite and without compromising on the integrity of the musicianship, but Hot Potato Band certainly nailed it on this track!