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Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound are quite outstanding on the soul-shaking ballad ‘WHY’ (Live at One Day Famous)

As he scours enormously for that special heart inside him that used to beat with magnificent aplomb that sparked into the sky, Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound sends our emotions into overdrive with the thoughtfully astonishing new release, ‘WHY(Live at One Day Famous).

Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound are Lithuanian indie-pop solo artists who have formed a bond that has wonderful energy and their music together has enlightened so many lives to be themselves no matter what.

I call this a convulsion singing. This is not a song. It is more a singable feel, the moment. I have never performed this before. But I felt that One Day Famous was the best format to show this creation which was dusting in my notebook.” ~ Alen Chicco

After striking our senses with ‘Wanna Know‘ (feat. Ziggy Sound), Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound return with an ear-throbber of note that seems to have you looking deeply into your own hidden emotions. The vocals here shall certainly wake up the neighbours next door as they shred through all glass with true intent.

WHY(Live at One Day Famous) from the Lithuanian indie-pop solo artists Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound, is a new release that shall have you wondering what happened to your heart that used to flutter freely with innocence. With the world currently so harsh as we look for our generations Batman to save us – this is a really incredible release – that has been courageously sent out to show that tracks like this do actually still exist. A riveting display is the order of the day, as we open up our imagination to a vocally-enhanced song made with such class.

See this quite stunning display on YouTube and see more on Alen’s socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Are You Still Burning: Lithuanian pop artist Alen Chicco wonders where the love is hiding on ‘Wanna Know’ (feat. Ziggy Sound)

Encapsulated by a striking video that compellingly captures the moment so precisely, Alen Chicco used to feel the love so intensely but senses that something has changed on ‘Wanna Know(feat. Ziggy Sound).

Well-respected Lithuanian indie-pop solo artists Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound, have joined forces as one team to show the world that their country is a force to be reckoned with musically.

This is a song about uncertain feelings that we all experience through our lives. Although me and Alen Chicco are very different artists and we both came from very different backgrounds, at the end of the day we are just two human beings, who share same perception about life, we have same emotions and we both want love.” ~ Ziggy Sound

With their mindsets aligned and the thirst for creativity at its ultimate peak, Alen Chicco and Ziggy Sound are both radiant and filled with vocal mastery that shall take you deep into this love-lost story of discovery. The lyrics are powerful and lead you behind the curtain, as they bravely show you their souls that are looking for that natural companionship.

Wanna Know(feat. Ziggy Sound) from the fearless Lithuanian indie-pop artist Alen Chicco is a statement track that shows us that two different artists can indeed co-exist if they want it enough. With vocal stimulation at its best here and featuring visuals that might shock many, this is a performance that needs to be admired.

In a dog-eat-dog world where too many artists are trying to compete unnecessarily with each other, this is a dazzling display that asks a lover where their true love has gone. Knowing where you stand, has never been more important in such a divisive time for humanity.

Check out this new video on YouTube and see the rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen