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Lions at the Gate

Luna Falling – The End: Bio-Mechanical Post-Hardcore

If Blue October hailed from 100 years in the future, their fervid firestorms would resound with the same pioneering panache as the hits from the Ohio-based outfit, Luna Falling.

The End relatably signifies the collective state of discontent in a time when we’re all sick of the threat that the curtains could close at any given moment. The futuristically thunderous drum sequences rail across the synths that give this feat of post-hardcore a potent shot of bio-mechanical flair while creating a glitchy platform for the cascades of aching emotion that are all too easy to resonate with.

Will Carlson notably knows how to pull a massive production together. Hit play, and you will be consumed by the tightly melodic kaleidoscopic furore.

The End is now available to stream on Spotify. Follow Luna Falling via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast