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LingoLiveBasement Releases New Track “Lost Vibes”

LingoLiveBasement is a young upcoming Hip-Hop artist with a steady and to the point lyric flow. “Lost Vibes” is in fact the perfect example of this, with an atmospheric intro that swiftly turns into a steady beat, and rippling guitar sounds that form the solid basis for the lyrics. What is immediately noticeable about this track is in fact its ability to make anyone groove along naturally. Without even noticing its very easy to catch yourself moving along to the beat. Contrasting the steadily paced rap verses with a more melodic chorus section, the use of digital effect and autotuning are subtle enough to keep the vocal character while also providing a good element of variation throughout the song.

With punchy lyrics and a flowing underlying atmosphere “Lost Vibes” is characterised by a simplistic yet distinctive instrumental colour which suits the mood for the lyrics while also providing an immersive rhythmic groove. Through this song LingoLiveBasement showcases his creative and natural talent in a communicative set of lyrics with instrumental backdrop to match and a contrasting memorable chorus which will have you bopping your head with the groove.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja