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Chasing Those Stars: Lindsey Marie is the ‘Shure Thing’ on terrific new single

With her much-anticipated album ‘Good Girl‘ on the way, Lindsey Marie teases us with her stunning new single that will have you smiling for days on ‘Shure Thing‘.

Solvang, California-born, San Francisco, California-based Lindsey Marie, is an emerging indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer and fit trail runner with a kind soul, her music is real and sweetly textured as she sings about love, life and finding the one who truly gets her.

Inspired by artists such as Phoenix, SZA, Beach House, Odesza, and Billie Holiday, her thrilling voice is crystal clear with so much love and pureness, each note streams vividly into your content mind with an elite sound that will have you shaking in delight.

This is the story about being past the pettiness and chasing anyone, your mind is made up on where you want to go and that is what you are going to do no matter what.

You feel her vocal delivery in the deepest parts of your fragile bones, as they eagerly creak a little bit with her powerful tone that sparkles like the stars at night. This is a quality artist who has been manifesting her energies during this bleak time in the world – as you feel her time is coming to shine bright – while you close you eyes in delight at her wonderful talent.

Shure Thing‘ from San Francisco’s terrific indie-pop artist Lindsey Marie, is a glorious single about being so focused that she doesn’t have time for just anyone, as he reaches for what her dreams are up above. She has no time for games and puts together a special single here that shows her growing independence that is mightily impressive.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen