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Damn Near Genius: Pullupnsplash urges us to relax and ‘Smoke What I Smoke’ (Feat. Lilli Passero)

Pullupnsplash blazes a happy-snack trail for us to follow closely on the hot new hip-hop single called ‘Smoke What I Smoke‘ (Feat. Lilli Passero).

Los Angeles, California-based rapper/producer, manager, cannabis industry professional and writer Robert Ellis IV aka Pullupnsplash, has a very likable style and a quick-fire flow that fits the Damn Near Genius mantra perfectly. He makes music that is so easy to follow and gets you into that happy groove so you can achieve anything you want; with a goofy smile on your face too.

They rap with such freedom and delight as the message of keeping cool in this hot world is brought to the fore through a video with lots of comedy and a fresh attitude to the way music should be made.

With a mischievous music video all about helping others to feel the same high during the festive season, this is a smooth single that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is all about the mellow vibes.

Smoke What I Smoke‘ (Feat. Lilli Passero). from Los Angeles emcee Pullupnsplash is a fun single that lights up the world when its dark outside and this has a positive message after all the hate and car wreckage of 2020. Here is an emcee that brings a positive message a laid-back approach to life, that we all need to follow.

Roll up and stream this tasty track on YouTube plus see more info on this top artist via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen