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Ain’t Got Time For Your Games: Courageous Bronx rapper Lil Stance smartly hides from the undesirable fibsters on ‘Don’t Lie’ (feat. HULKSICKO!)

As he cleverly blocks her number to avoid getting nastily bitten in her sneaky web of tricks that could take him into darkly-lit places he would rather avoid even thinking about, Lil Stance only wants to seek the truth and isn’t putting up with another deceitful person on his new rap single called ‘Don’t Lie(feat. HULKSICKO!).

Will Wilson aka Lil Stance, is a Co-op City, Bronx, New York City-born indie rapper, YouTuber, dancer, and music producer. After growing up in a really tough neighborhood, he has overcome extremely high odds to be where he is today, and his movie-like story is reflected in his expressive soundscapes.

This is a youthful effort from two young artists finding their way in a smog-soaked city of flashing temptation, as they firmly flow with much energy and add a promising lyrics arsenal, to catch your attention which showcases their emerging talents. Their storytelling is so vividly real and you can tell that they have lived it – as their insatiable hunger to succeed in this dog-eat-dog world are easy to hear here – on an encouraging release with plenty of that NYC bite.

Don’t Lie(feat. HULKSICKO!) from the street-smart New York City indie rapper, music producer, YouTuber and dancer Lil Stance, is the true story which is sadly all-too familiar in these weird modern days. A person who you once cared about has flipped over and shown you their true colors, and you wish you hadn’t ever met them in the first place.

Sometimes when that fresh lust wears off you see their true intention-glowing eyes, which are filled full of ideas and stories that you don’t ever want to see, as your morals are only beaming red flags and massive warning signs. Ultimately, its best to move on real quick – before you get caught up in that spirit-sucking reality-TV fake drama – that wastes your time and harms your precious soul from its true purpose.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more of his inspiring story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen