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Vengeance is sweet but Fake Boujee’s shot-firing melodic rap track, HeartBroken, is sweeter.

At 21 years old, the Massachusetts-born, Providence-based rapper, singer, and audio engineer Fake Boujee, already has a finely honed sound, a unique edge that will effortlessly ensnare fans of melodic rap and other niche subgenres and an arsenal of hits.

Their most popular track to date, More Smoke, has racked up 65k+ streams on Spotify alone, and their latest single to come from their professional-grade studio, HeartBroken, is going to place them at even greater heights.

Created in collaboration with Hooper James, HeartBroken, makes no bones about pulling all the lyrical punches over the colourfully wavey instrumentals. Regardless of what the majority of tracks on the airwaves attempt to prove, heartbreak isn’t pretty, it leaves us raw with hope for karmic justice; for anyone wanting their ex to meet their karma-driven retribution, HeartBroken is a caustically consoling earworm, which carries all the Lil Peep-esque conviction necessary for true authenticity.

HeartBroken was officially released on September 22; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jesus B. has unleashed his grittily twee emo love song, Love Means

If two things on the airwaves never get enough respect or recognition, they are ukuleles and emo alt-rap; the up-and-coming alternative artist Jesus B. fused the two in his latest single, Love Means, which unravels as the ultimate scripture of bitter-sweet affection.

Bliss and agony are two sides of the same coin when it comes to love, and the diehard romanticism evolving into dejection in Love Means is the ultimate affirmation. Your breakup playlists won’t be the same without the gritty yet twee lo-fi single from the Alaskan artist, who is picking up where Lil Peep left off with his command over moody melodies. His authenticity is one thing. His ability to project intimate emotion so that it resonates with universal commonality is another entirely. We can’t wait to hear what comes next from Jesus B.

Love Means is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK rapper Solum wonders if this romance is still alive or dead in the ashes with ‘Hurt Me’ (feat. Amorii)

As he lifts his dazed head up to see if the spark is still there or if his lover has vanished into the wind, Solum returns with an anthem for all those who have felt their heart shatter into a thousand pieces before with, ‘Hurt Me(feat. Amorii).

Solum is a 21-year-old UK-based emo rapper who makes that dynamic music that sends your perspective into a spin on each release.

Solum takes his inspiration mainly from Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION and Joji, blending in these styles to create his own unique form of music.” ~ Solum

Lifting the lid on feelings that are often swept under the carpet or not expressed at all, Solum opens the door and is at his honest best with a gritty single that will shock some but inspire so many others.

Hurt Me(feat. Amorii) from the UK-based indie emo rapper Solum, is a catchy single that is filled with that familiar sound that is loved by millions. He leads us into his mind as he shows us all the way in, to his perspective that wonders if he will actually love properly again. As the world grows more confusing and filled with so many options that are probably not needed, this is a reminder that staying inside your head for too long can actually damage your soul if you aren’t too careful.

Listen in to this deep track on Soundcloud and see more social energy on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Klo transcends the ‘Small Town’ mentality in his latest alt-indie track.

There’s nothing like small towns for dragging us down; anyone relating to that sentiment will undoubtedly find the resonance in Klo’s latest single, Small Town, produced by Splashgvng.

With reminiscence to Lil Peep in the melodies and vocals, Small Town is instantly familiar but Klo easily sets himself with the quintessentially Midwestern indie vibes which allow Small Town to unravel like an accordantly candid dream.

The single grooves through every consideration when it comes to cutting the ties with our hometown roots – the suffocation imparted by small-town mentalities to the faces that we will regret leaving behind. It’s a gorgeously well-rounded track that proves Klo is well worth a spot on your radar.

Small Town is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JJ Enigma brought in a new era of pop punk with latest single ‘Happy Never After’

JJ Enigma may have only made their debut in 2020, but they’re already bringing in the new era of pop punk. Their latest release, Happy Never After is a euphorically bitey earworm, if any new track is strong enough to pull you from your lockdown apathy, it’s Happy Never After.

The optimistic-in-spite-of-nihilism track kicks off with crunchy riffs before the guitars adopt sonic soaring textures and bring you into the adrenalizing bridge which teases the anthemic power of the chorus.

With the same hooky infectious appeal as the chorus in Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ along with the raucous punch of contemporary pop punk, it’s only a matter of time before JJ Enigma rises up from the underground.

Happy Never After is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mookie helps us ‘Through it All’ with his deeply compassionate pop trap single.

Up and coming artist, Mookie, started out as an EDM producer, but if his latest pop trap single ‘Through it All’ is anything to go by, it would have been criminal to carry on leaving his melodies unpaired with his unfiltered heartfelt lyrics.

If lyrics as raw as ‘sometimes I get emotional but it’s all I have’ don’t leave a lump in your throat, you can safely assume that your soul checked out a while ago.

Lockdown may have inspired plenty of uninspired songs, but Mookie adds a unique voice to the conversation which allows you to see the beauty in the sadness. Through it All may have come from a place of deep isolation and longing for normality, but it’s impossible not to let yourself be consoled by Mookie’s sweetly affectionate slightly reverb-tinged vocals as they run in synergy by the deftly mastered beats..

Any fans of Lil Peep, Lil Xan or Juice Wrld will want to make room on their playlists for Through it All which is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yung’Cid left the pill un-sugared in their feisty new wave trap track ‘Loved You Better’


‘Loved You Better’ is the latest single from Bedford, UK-hailing Alternative artist, Yung’Cid, their combination of Pop Punk, Trap and RnB grinds with the tides of New Wave luminaries such as Juice Wrld, Lil Xan and Lil Peep while flowing with Yung’Cid’s own authentic expression.

Crank up the volume and feel the full force of the aggressive rock elements, lock into the lyrics to appreciate the raw gritty romanticism which inspired Love You Better which drips with visceral angst, but if you read between the lines, you’ll find that it’s an emboldening track.

We often place the blame on ourselves when people fail to love us properly, Yung’Cid highlights the pain of that experience while serving the reminder that other people’s inability to love is not our problem.

You can hear Yung’Cid via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sergio Tachini – Danii: An edifying and accessible ode to vulnerability

From Tachini’s fresh EP ‘Broken’, ‘Danii’ is a chilled, space-filled ode to vulnerability and a lover lost to suicide. Heartfelt, beautiful, and tragic all at once, ‘Danii’ pays tribute through Tachini’s honest, reflective rap style, consoling and celebrating whilst never feeling self-conscious or forced. Tachini is open about his own battles with depression and anxiety, and that frailty comes through in the track’s sparse arrangement and instrumentation.

Invoking comparisons in such a personal and intimate piece of music is always hard, but the influences of artists such as Lil Peep and XXX Tentacion are undeniable here. ‘Danii’ is an open, sincere and profound track, almost conversational in its delivery. Candid and affectionate and yet immediately edifying and accessible, ‘Danii’ is both a fitting tribute and a gentle, delicate single in its own right.

You can see Sergio’s video for ‘Danii’ on YouTube.

Review by Alex Holmes

ZuZhu& brings his razor-sharp lyrical wit to their latest single “Cheating”

There’s not much that can make you feel better once you’ve been cheated on, yet ZuZhu&’s latest Pop Trap track “Cheating” which manages to put a humorous spin on the act of romantic indiscretion is sure to shed a little light on the soul destroying experience. Who said that Emo Rap was depressing?

ZuZhu&’s razor-sharp lyrical wit tears through the audacity of deception while the high-vibe Trap beats chip away at your romantic cynicism as they progress through the melodically arrestive progressions. It is an absolute earworm. Hit play and embrace the redemptive vibes.

You can check out Cheating for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast