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All Over Again: North Carolina’s Lil Jeep knows that this should be ‘The End’

Produced by morin, Lil Jeep wonders why he keeps on taking his lover back when they showed so much disloyalty on his bass-thumping new single ‘The End‘.

Jadon Hope aka Lil Jeep is a youthful Rose Hill, North Carolina-based indie alt-rock solo artist who makes an honest mixture of lyrically-introspective music for us to let out our emotions with.

Keeping things short and sweet with a speaker-hugging new single filled with regret, Lil Jeep¬†rides through the storm and shows us his lyrical arsenal with a loaded affair on the mic for us to ponder. This is a determined young man who isn’t going to let go of his love, no matter what the intentions of others are.

The End‘ from the Rose Hill, North Carolina-based underground indie alt-rock musician Lil Jeep, is that all-too-common story about wanting to be with the perfect version of the person who you care about so much, that you are willing to unwisely look past the red flags that are so obvious. Performed with a gritty edge from an improving artist still finding his ideal sound, this is an encouraging effort that has you wondering if you can really trust your true love.

Hear this brand new track on Soundcloud and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen