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A&R Factory Present: Jonny Fresh

Jonny wrote his first rap when he and his boy Dstu to the J-E-W decided they should make a comedic song about their religion back in 11th grade. He didn’t prove to be a natural born rapper with his first attempt, but kept working at his craft for 9 years before releasing his first mixtape.

At the time he was enamored with a new type of healthy cuisine he had discovered that was helping him rejuvenate his body, so naturally that was what he wrote about. Raw Food Rap came out in early 2014, along with two music videos; All We Do (Is Make Raw Chocolate) and The Durian Song.

Whilst creating his inaugural mixtape, he was performing at Open Mic nights to hone his craft and improve his live act. He released Three more music videos later that year in anticipation of his second mixtape,Love, Unicorns & Missing Pants, which came out the following January.

Midway through 2015 Jonny realized that his passion had shifted completely from Raw Food to making music and so he set in place plans to sell his Raw Food business, lose his pants and move to an environment more conducive to creating a career in Hip Hop.

A few months later he found himself in Melbourne, the music capital of Australia and his current adopted home. Burn City welcomed him with open arms and he’s now spending the overwhelming majority of his waking hours pursuing his dream of being a professional rapper.