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Kade Fresco & Lil Baby show their single life swag with ”On My Own”

This is a single guys anthem right here. Kade Fresco & Lil Baby did things their way to get to the top and it wasn’t always so easy. They are enjoying single life and aren’t keen to change that and get sucked into the relationship life. These two talented rappers are going full tilt and aren’t stopping for anyone.

On My Own” is a quality Hip Hop track and my head can’t stop bouncing to the tight beat. These are two emcee’s at the top of their game as there is only straight up fire here. The story about doing things on your own and seeing so-called friends real intentions when the going gets tough is so real. You truly know who your real family is only after the bad times. When things are good, your phone is always busy and some people only want to be around you when you are up. Kade Fresco & Lil Baby¬†make it very clear that they are too busy making money to answer the phone with petty business. They are on the flight all the way to the top via VIP and will not be dragged down.

Kade Fresco & Lil Baby make a great team and will always have the dance floor sweaty with their signature brand of tight flows and real lyrics. ”On My Own” should be on all of our Hip Hop playlists.

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Head through to YouTube to check out this steamy music video of the highest quality.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen