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Zimbabwean R&B Rapper Kutsan flows his way into the game with 2nd single ‘’Like Me’’ ft Oviey & Dtae

‘’Like Me’’ is the follow up to Kutsan’s debut track ‘’Parking Lot’. This song shows growing maturity from the African born Rapper who is now enjoying life in the USA. The perfect setting for an Emcee, let’s hope that he can inspire his friends and fans back home to really push themselves and make something of their lives.

This is a catchy song, although it does sound a bit generic and he will need to make music that breaks boundaries in order to truly stand out. In a packed genre, that is the only want to truly make it big. That is ultimately where he wants to go.

For a new artist however, this is a decent outing and he does show potential. The song is meant to be a casual love track and has hit the mark in that respect. 

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen