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No More Tears: Morgane Oll leads us into infinity on Lightyear

Featuring an appearance from John Clementine, Morgane Oll wonders if it’s all a dream with the planet-seeking stunner to stare at the stars with, Lightyear.

Morgane Oll aka Morgane Ollivier is a Paris, France-based indie pop-folk artist who studied at the Royal Conservatory of Mons in Belgium and has been in the music world since she could barely walk.

Morgane’s father was a singer in the 1970s, and she often felt connected to him through his music, despite the difficulties of growing up in a family that moved frequently. Her mother passed away when she was just two years old, and the loss has inspired much of Morgane’s music. The song “She Falls” is a poignant tribute to her mother and a reflection of the sorrow and grief she feels.” ~ Morgane Oll

With a keen eye for words and so much authentic class, we find a super performance from Morgane Oll just waiting to be opened up like a much-awaited present. Catching our hearts and taking our minds into a distant place, this is a real gem to cuddle with when everything gets a bit too much.

Lightyear from the multi-talented Paris, France-based indie pop-folk artist Morgane Oll is a ray of hope and rather welcomed for its elegant mindset. Soaked in a magnetic combination of such outstanding proportions, this is a rather memorable song which has been carefully crafted with an excellent gaze of beauty to behold.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen