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LIfes a Gamble

BoogLee is back with bouncy single ”Into That”

BoogLee is back with new music and it heats up the speakers as he let’s us into his story about this shorty he is into. From being in the friend zone he is definitely winning here. This rapper has a street style that works on the mic as he smashes through with this solid release. Hip Hop is in such a flux with so many emcee’s but I feel like BoogLee has created his own lane.

This is the follow up to 2019’s popular ”Life’s A Gamble”. Formally known as BoogJuug his name change has really been a blessing as his career has taken off. BoogLee produced a fun song and doesn’t hit on any serious topics in ”Into That”. This is a welcome distraction and I feel like with one hit song this artist’s career will really take off. He is very talented and the wordplay skills are tight. I would love to see him join up with a singer or another rapper as this would help get his name out there. With clear passion for his music, BoogLee is on the way up.

Stream this entertaining rapper on his growing YouTube channel now and hear more today.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen