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Bridge The Divide: Magna Zero urges us to unite on We Are All

Showing us that peace and love is actually possible if we can join together and stop the rot, Magna Zero takes us down a road that many have been fearing on We Are All.

Magna Zero is a Los Angeles, California-based 3-piece indie rock band who were formed by lifelong friends that love making music together.

By early 2022, eleven of the musical works from the band’s early period became the songs comprising their first album, “The Great Nothing”. Recorded and mixed by the band at Moore’s home in the fall of 2021, the album captures the raw, live spirit of the Magna Zero sound, with most of the recordings done as live takes and minimal overdubs used.” ~ Magna Zero

Reminding one of that classic Red Hot Chili Peppers sound, Magna Zero shows us the downfalls of closing your heart away from others for too long. Sung with a real intensity and bringing forth a truly impressive sound, this is a top-notch single to glow radiantly inside.

The name Magna Zero, translated from Latin and Arabic respectively, literally means ‘Great Nothing’. Coined by Aubrey as a title of one of the band’s early compositions and suggested by Moore for the name of the band, the term refers to a state of peace that is beyond the ego, where one experiences harmony and unity with the universe.” ~ Magna Zero

We Are All from the LA-based indie rock band Magna Zero is a deep track that will have you looking deeper in the mirror tonight. Showing us how to break away from the emptiness that can cause your soul to falter, they masterfully take us into a whole new world of possibilities.

Joining together when the world is in a state of confusion will always make your heart feel warm again.

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