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Shark Attack!! drop groovy new ocean-loving single to tan with on ‘Back To The Beach’

With a vibe so sunny it might cause you to put on sunglasses even if it’s pitch dark outside, Shark Attack!! helps us remember how fun the sea is on their latest mostly-instrumental jam sesh that helps you feel all fresh with, ‘Back To The Beach‘.

Shark Attack!! is a New Orleans, USA-based indie surf-rock band that forms such an ultra-positive vibe that enables you to flip your perspective back into smile-only climates.

Know that feeling when you’ve been away from the Beach for a while and then you decide it’s about time to go…BACK TO THE BEACH??!! This song is a portal to that emotion.” ~ Shark Attack!!

Applying the sunblock and showing us where to chill under the umbrella, Shark Attack!! return with their fantastically signature style that shall get you sweating in cheeky delight at their undisputed awesomeness.

Back To The Beach‘ from New Orleans, USA-based indie surf-rock band Shark Attack!! is a lifeguard-lovin’ new track to have you packing your cap and remembering to load that sandy beach bat into your backpack, so that you may have the best day possible. With a happy vibe that is proper smile-filled, this is one of those experiences that you will find hard to ever forget. The energy is alive with only goodness and with summer energy flowing through the clouds to help us get that tan back, this is a terrific entry that shall assist us in seeking that much-needed day at the beach.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen