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Be my other half: Lou P Scarlett brightens up Valentine’s Day with ‘Life Together’

Bringing her effervescent flamboyance intertwined with cute kisses to the world on this special day for so many, Lou P Scarlett bubbles beautifully with awe-inspiring enthusiasm on her latest single called ‘Life Together‘.

Lou P Scarlett is an inspiring multi-talented Marrickville (New South Wales), Australia-based futuristic burlesque showgirl,  enthralling electronic-pop singer. creative director, choreographer, bachelor of music graduate and dancer.

The love for her partner shines through and her voice sounds like a woman deeply in love, her soft tone feels like her eyes are glowing, each word is sung with that deep feeling of caressing waterfalls that have rare pureness.

This is the story of telling your lover what you like and how you see things going together, hand in hand. The manifestation to the universe is important for you as you think about all the wonderful times you have ahead, especially on this romantic day.

Life Together‘ from Australia’s Queen of tease, Lou P Scarlett, is that catchy song you have to listen to again and again, as her lovely voice shines through the doom and gloom of current times, her stunning nature has you locked in close to the speakers all the way through this glorious effort.

Thinking of being together long-term with someone can be a scary thought sometimes, but if you both want it enough, you will make it happen, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way by this crazy world.

Hear this loving track on Spotify and see her visual journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen