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Life is a Dream

Ontario singer-songwriter Hunter Sheridan releases memorable ”Fires Fade”

Life is a Dream” is the name of the debut album for Hunter Sheridan and this marks a shift for the talented artist. He was formally in Ontario band West Hammock¬†who are currently on hiatus. ”Fires Fade” is the latest single from this new album and it’s a beautifully self-reflective song all about love and how sometimes that spark fades. You remember the good times but sometimes things don’t last.

In 2020, Hunter was nominated for two Oshawa Music Awards as Emerging Artist and Best Songwriter of the Year. This shows that he is definitely on the right track in his career and the buzz is starting to build. Major attention in the US is the next step and it’s easy to see why he is much acclaimed. His lyrics are real and sad at the same time on ”Fires Fade”. I’m drawn in and feel a sense of reflective while listening. You can tell that he is a music teacher as this song feels like a lesson and he has crafted this with care and precision.

Hunter Sheridan has a massive future with his strong voice, inspiration lyrics and quality production. With the world slowly opening up this singer-songwriter from the beautiful hills of Canada is singing into our sore hearts and making new fans each day.

Stream this soothing track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen