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Melbourne’s Kaiyah Mercedes returns with 2nd regret-packed single, ‘I Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore’

With a relatable track about dealing with the unsettling trauma from a past relationship that can certainly scar you, Kaiyah Mercedes is quite incredible on her 2nd-ever release that will have you looking into the broken mirror of past love with, ‘I Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore‘.

Kaiyah Mercedes is a 15-year-old proudly-LGBT indie singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia, who creates songs that are packed with poetically emotional lyrics.

During lockdown in 2020, Kaiyah taught herself guitar and piano, and started writing more seriously. Kaiyah describes songwriting as a form of therapy and a way of understanding emotions and feelings in a creative way.” ~ Kaiyah Mercedes

With a flashback that made you come back from the 2nd time that actually broke you even more than first anticipated, Kaiyah Mercedes reflects her broken heart that can’t stop thinking about that moment that changed everything forever. Sung with a calming ambience that has you sensing that you are listening to someone with that rare soul, this is a special single to make you wonder why some people change from who you really thought they were.

She tries to put into words feelings that can sometimes feel unexplainable and also draw lots of inspiration from fiction as well as the ever-changing world around her.” ~ Kaiyah Mercedes

I Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based indie singer-songwriter Kaiyah Mercedes is a gorgeous effort from a young artist who has seen the harsh realities of romance, in a world that has been poisoned by apps and an overload of options that can get your soul twisted. Her vocals are so honey-like and you will find yourself feeling like you are in a daydream, pondering why your hopes were crushed by someone who fooled you into a false sense of comfort.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Real Nasty: King Cupid tells it how it is on ‘Only Fans’ (feat. pdwayjayski)

With a rampantly enthused attitude to doing whatever he likes, King Cupid warns the ladies that he is on the prowl to getting that man to join him for some all-night fun on ‘Only Fans(feat. pdwayjayski).

Ellis Lonnie Peal lV aka King Cupid, is a rapper, LGBT activist and social media influencer from the south side of Chicago in the USA.

This is the x-rated story about taking what you believe is yours, from another woman who might not be too happy about what is about to happen. You have seen the opportunity right before you – and are highly intent on grabbing your crush who is clearly into you – as you both gaze happily into each others loved-up eyes.

Only Fans(feat. pdwayjayski) from the Chicago-based indie rapper, LGBT activist and social media influencer King Cupid, shows us an artist who knows exactly what he wants. He sees that man who makes him happy and doesn’t seem to mind that there is going to be some competition in this hunt for that lover to be his. On a speaker-bouncing catchy beat that seems to only get better as the track moves to the chorus, this is a cheeky effort that will be in your curious head all night.

Check out this sassy new single on Spotify and follow all the action via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JABRIL YOUSEF celebrates authenticity in their debut electro-pop hit, ‘Electric’.

Non-binary, Arab-American singer-songwriter JABRIL YOUSEF has unleashed their debut indie electro-pop track, Electric; it is everything that it says on the tin.

With elements of shoegaze in the angular indie guitars, the soundscape comes complete with cutting sonic textures, but that’s not enough to dampen the ethereally euphoric nature of this high-energy release.

Any fans of Frankmusik, M83, Big Black Delta and MGMT will want to delve into the dreamy yet danceable track which celebrates authenticity in a time of exploitation.

Each of the artist’s releases finds a way to explore themes of love, longing and growth; if that wasn’t good enough of a reason to get their futuristically accessible sound on your playlists, I’m not quite sure what it is.

Get fired up by Electric for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Time to say goodbye: Chloe Payne is outstanding on debut track ‘Out Of Luck’

With a groovy bass filled vibe to lift us right away, Chloe Payne sends us a breakup anthem to help wipe those sad tears away on her terrific debut track called ‘Out Of Luck‘.

Hampshire, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter, and music teacher Chloe Payne, sings with that inspired passion that helps other LGBT women embrace their sexuality and to be proud of who they are, so they can soar above any small-mindedness that they may encounter in everyday life.

This is the story of being cheated on, lied to and generally disrespected by a former lover, that you gave your heart and soul to be looked after. You cared for them so much and then they tried to flick the pain around and blame it all on you, just like a narcissistic and manipulative person would do. The sad part is that you opened your gates to them but made a quick decision to end things fast, before they found a way in again, for further heartache.

She sings with a magnificently strong aura that simmers into our ears and shows us that we can’t put up with being lied to. This catchy pop song is a debut to remember from an artist with an honest take, on the pitfalls of modern love.

Out Of Luck‘ from UK indie-pop singer songwriter Chloe Payne, is that statement of respect from a sparkling singer who has wonderful vocal ability. She sings about the pain of losing love to someone else but shows strength in sticking to her decision and moving on to brighter days ahead, with someone else who will treat her far better.

Stream this lovely new single on Spotify and see further info via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jalpa shows so much courage with this inspiring track ‘In Your Blood’

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is the home of Jalpa and this fine producer is back with ‘In Your Blood‘.

Jalpa produced this song after reading one too many horror stories about human beings not having the right to love. Now more than ever we need to all come together, as one to speak up about wrongs in the world that can be changed. With a 3rd of Poland is a ‘LGBT-free zone’. this is a terrible event that should be more well-known globally but due to current events, this has been lost on the world.

Jalpa shows such courage to send through this message on ‘In Your Blood‘. This is an indie edm track that picks up steam and is a worthwhile listen with some interesting layers to keep you guessing.

Standing up for what you believe in, is so important for the soul. This is what makes you stronger and wiser. This is a very cleverly made video that is nice and simple, a song that is meaningful helps too. With the world trying to recover, hopefully there will be a time soon that all Poland’s residents feel safe and not forced to move or hide who they are really are.

Find out more about Poland’s struggle with LGBT-free zones.

Click here for the YouTube video.

Find out more via Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KARMAA gives Ru Paul a run for their money with the queer Alt Pop anthem “Werkk”

KARMAA has dropped plenty of fresh danceable feats of Alt-Pop, but the best introduction to their magnetically fierce sound is their single Werkk. It gives Ru Paul’s empoweringly queer hits a run for their money.

Boomers and bigots may not appreciate the high vibe, but anyone whose mind isn’t closing in on itself will appreciate the aural call for confidence and unity amongst the queer community.

With elements of Hip Hop weaved into the Pop mix, there’s plenty of conviction behind the lyrics and you’ll get just as much energy from the trancey EDM beats.

You can check out KARMAA’s single Werkk for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast