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Lewca is that Friday Night Rockstar around town we all know and love

With his debut album slated for a 16th December 2022 release, Lewca shows us why he is famous in the local neighbourhood on the riding-all-evening single to take your shirt off with, Friday Night Rockstar.

Lewca is a Brixton-born Normandy, France-based indie alternative artist who is joined by Parisan DJ and beat maker extraordinaire S.O.A.P.

Sensing that he is already overrated but is as charming as they come, Lewca and S.O.A.Pdecimate the previous competition with a formidable anthem for all those who love that real raw, biting music that will grip you tightly and leave a mark in the morning.

Friday Night Rockstar from Normandy, France-based indie alternative artist Lewca sips its way into our lives with a geezer mentality which will ignite up your mood and nick your last lighter too. Busting with intent and featuring guitar riffs so naughty, this is that speaker booster that is surely destined for the local club at 3am.

When you’re feeling good, your entire mood shall change for the better.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and check out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lewca’s just ‘Doing His Thing’ with musical poetic vibes

With influences ranging from Tom Waits to Class A drugs, the Clash, expensive rum, Ian Dury, and The Streets, Lewca was born in a squat in Brixton, and by age nineteen had graduated to living in a squat in Paris. The more things change, and all that…

Now living in Normandy, and with three kids, a mortgage, and a pet hedgehog, ‘Doing My Thing’ is taken from Lewca’s new – you guessed it – ‘3 Kids and a Mortgage’ EP, and kicks in with a full-on early-Eminem-style Dr. Dre orchestration reminiscent of ‘The Real Slim Shady’, but when Lewca’s vocal joins us we’re suddenly all Mike Skinner/Sleaford Mods ‘Lahndahn, Innit?’ attitude and Scroobius Pip meter, mixed up with a little bit of ‘Alright, Still’ Lily Allen picture-painting cleverness. Lewca’s got great flow and a wonderful ear for rhyme, there’s a cracker of an ear-worm hooky ‘na na na’ chorus in between the pomp and heavy bass, but really ‘Doing My Thing’ – and the whole of the ‘3 Kids and a Mortgage’ – is a well-written, catchy little pop/hip-hop street-poetry-to-music thing about booze, bonds, Brixton, and, weirdly, bacon & eggs.

You can check out ‘Doing My Thing’ on Spotify and Bandcamp, and follow Lewca on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes