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Let You Down

Can’t Promise You That: Alex Omen regrets that he couldn’t be the one on Let You Down

Feeling so much sadness and massive regret for something mentally deep that had to end, Alex Omen tells us about a sad story that millions will relate to in this romantically strained world, Let You Down.

Alex Omen is an alternative RnB and hip-hop artist who brings so much true love and care into each one of his carefully layered tracks.

Blurring the line between modern hip-hop and soothing R&B, his songs are uplifting with a sense of melancholy. Omen names The Weeknd, Travis Scott and Frank Ocean as his major influences.” ~ Alex Omen

Spectacular in nature and sending our spirits into a rather revealing universe, Alex Omen has projected an enlightening story in the best possible fashion. Gosh, the vocals are rather dreamy here. Each note is crisp and rather special, on a planet where true romance is so rare to find.

Let You Down from alternative RnB and hip-hop artist Alex Omen sends us all into a harrowing former love picture which has sadly cracked through the sands of time. Taking us into a movie-like story and sending us shivers of details which will flood many memories like a blocked drain, to wash our tears and show us what it feels like when two hearts are shattered.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jordan Waller Releases Official Music Video For “Let You Down”

Singer/Songwriter Jordan Waller has a keen ear for larger-than-life melodies and emotional hooks that feel memorable and easy to relate to. His recent single, “Let You Down”, is a perfect example of the artist’s songwriting skills and lyrical prowess. The song feels lush, deep and rich, reminding me of artists such as Coldplay or The Fray. However, Jordan’s approach is a little more personal, echoing the work of artists like Ryan Adams.

You could say that “Let You Down” is a great compromise between the vibes of pop, the energy of stadium rock and the sensibility of an intimate singer-songwriter act.