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Leo The Lion releases Dance For The Rain: One to lift your spirits

Leo The Lion has dropped his recent track ‘’Dance For The Rain’’, for all the lovers of EDM, Electronic and Pop then this one’s for you, it’s the perfect song to boost your mood completely.

You’re welcomed with this insane up-beat melody, it’s so energetic and up-lifting. That same infectious beat continues through out, really giving the song it’s Electronic feel. The vocals begin to collide alongside the rhythm, the vocals come in, keeping that pitch up-beat and the tone of voice vibrant.

This is a piece of music that gets you moving, there’s such an array of liveliness. The synthesised beat gives off this suspenseful feeling as the drum hits get louder and the volume amps up and everything is louder and has even more energy flowing through it.

Leo The Lion has definitely nailed this one, it’s got so many styles of instrumentals, the vocal ranges and the way the beat just combines with it so well, is impressive. Definitely one to listen too if you’re into this style of music.

Listen to Leo The Lion Dance For The Rain by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall