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Taking My Time: Legere looks for the right escape on dashing debut track ‘Everybody Wants a Piece’

With a terrific Latino-style start that has your heart beating extra fast with the utmost anticipation, Legere raps with hungry vigor to figure out who has his back when the chips are down on ‘Everybody Wants a Piece‘.

Legere is a young rapper who is brand new in the music world. He drops a debut that is full of melodic rhythms and punchy lines, that shows his growing potential if guided correctly.

You feel that he is done playing games now with flaky women and wants to the chess master – moving the way he wants – without any restrictions as he looks for that escape, so he can find that safe place which makes him feel content. The beat seems to easily match his intentions and his confidence appears to soar like a majestic hawk up above, looking for the right moment to get that prey which tastes the best.

Everybody Wants a Piece‘ from the emerging hip-hop artist Legere, leads us into a story about worrying about who is real or not – in this world that can bite you hard if you trust those fake sharks – that have viciously undesirable venom in their teeth. Scars can heal eventually, but only if you surround yourself with the right people, in this click-bait world of dodgy alleyways and poisonous seas.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen