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Moving Planets: Lee Michael Walton reflects on his twenties with ‘Photographs From Mars’ (ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes)

With a reinvigorated sound that shows his strength from beating cancer, heavy drinking and dealing with family issues in the past, Lee Michael Walton shows us his new perspective with a feature from his beloved Grandma in Wales urging him to come home called ‘Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes).

Lee Michael Walton is a fantastic Ystalyfera, Wales-born, London-based singer/pianist/organist, who has beaten the odds to fulfill his dream of making music that makes a worldly impression and helps others with their doubts too.

“The fun and adventurous nature of my youth is still in there though. It was a time of adventure, of risk taking, of self-discovery and of course MIS-adventure!”- Lee Michael Walton

This passion in his voice shines above the sky as he sees the big blue sea from above, as he knew he had to leave for a while to find himself. With a complex world that judges you quickly at times, the thick skin needs to be bulletproof to withstand the beating it can take. Finding that self-belief is hard for a while, but when you see it you will never let go and it is so warm and helps you through any darkness.

The story of the trip above is enlightening and helps you understand how he felt for so long before freeing himself. with his Grandma’s tea helping him through all the doubts and small-minded people that threatened to derail him forever. Luckily, through music and helpful mentors, he was able to move past it all and do what loves with no fear inside anymore.

Photographs From Mars(ft. Mandy Taylor-Haynes) from the London-based pianist/vocalist/organist Lee Michael Walton, is a touching tale from up above that shows you that you can succeed if you have a strong support system and are willing to be self-aware enough, to make that much-needed change.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen