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Leather Daddy

ARDON ENGLAND represents the queer community on the hot new single Leather Daddy

Taken off his much-awaited brand new EP called That’s Camp, ARDON ENGLAND shows us deep within the Vulvas on his superbly intoxicating new single to get sweaty with, Leather Daddy.

ARDON ENGLAND is a proudly Māori New Zealand-born indie camp house music producer and is an inspiration to anyone who continues to fight for inclusive representation.

Ardon has worked alongside some of New Zealand’s best dancers, entertainers and choreographers, to bring artistic and creative visions to life.” ~ ARDON ENGLAND

Bravely standing up for what is right and keeping it saucy at the same time, ARDON ENGLAND might be the music chef the queer community needs during these morally wrong times. Electric throughout and sizzling with intent, many temperatures will be raised.

Leather Daddy from New Zealand-born indie camp house music producer ARDON ENGLAND is a lip-licking experience to get those heartbeats wild in naughty excitement. Elderly neighbours will probably hate this but that’s the point. This is an entry with a party atmosphere which is breaking down walls. Walls that shouldn’t be there you see?

The music scene should be for everyone after all.

Check out this new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen