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Lavender Sunday has released their psychedelically sweet Indie Synthpop single “Keep Your Heart”

Keep Your Heart is the latest psychedelically sweet feat of Indie Bedroom Pop from Pittsburgh-based artist Lavender Sunday. It is also one of the most instantaneously accessible tracks we’ve heard this year.

With the escapism and the catharsis which the extended-length track offers, you can prepare to be taken on a distinctively soul-soothing aural trip. Hit play and you can expect to hear lush synths lead a kaleidoscopically soothing arrangement which creates the perfect platform for the light and choral vocals which will enamour fans of the Beatles of Shoegaze bands alike.

With the video game-style effects and the boldly high vocal notes, there’s a playful sense of experimentalism which adds an endearing element to the track. We’re already stoked to hear what Lavender Sunday has in the pipelines.

You can check out Keep Your Heart for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast