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Are You Still Feeling It: Lauren Hannah misses that addictively smokey love on Cigarette

Lighting up just one more time to get that first taste, promising Scot Lauren Hannah wonders why her past lover decided to give her false hope on the ear-soothing new single to reminisce with on Cigarette.

Lauren Hannah is an 18-year-old indie pop singer-songwriter who is from Scotland and she sings with the kind of tenderness and care which will heal all sad hearts.

My recent single, Cigarette, was recorded at a college in Scotland and produced and mixed by my cousin as part of a sound production project and it has already had airplay on BBC Radio Scotland Introducing.” ~ Lauren Hannah

Sung so sweetly and giving our arms and back shivers from her gorgeous voice, Lauren Hannah is a kind angel who guides us through a hugely relatable memory so many can recall. Gracefully intertwining all of our souls, this is a rather special performance which needs to be treasured.

Cigarette from the Scotland-based indie pop artist Lauren Hannah is a rather epic anthem for anymore who needs to meditate away from that traumatic moment. Sung with so much eloquent verve to stop all distracted ears in their tracks, this is a rather exceptional effort from such a young musician.

You’ll know it’s time for the last puff when it starts to taste differently.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen