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Venezuelan aural ambassador Morris Northcutt has released his latest classical score, Tonada Del Cabrestero

Ahead of the release of his solo debut album, award-winning professional touring artist Morris Northcutt teased what is to come with the richly cinematic, deeply emotional classical composition, Tonada Del Cabrestero, composed by Simon Diaz.

To name a few, the Latin-inspired artist’s accolades include winning global music awards, being a Bach Conn-Selmer solo performing artist and touring the globe with performance groups such as Mannheim Steamroller, Critical Mass Big Band, The Blues Brothers Reunion Band, Puget Brass, and the Tacoma Concert Band to the Seattle Symphony Chamber Orchestra, Breath of Aire, and the Tacoma Symphony.

Before you even learn the intent behind the instrumental score, you feel the ego-less sense of passion in the production; you get a sense that Tonada Del Cabrestero is pulling emotion from a much deeper place. Tonada Del Cabrestero was created in collaboration with Venezuelan artists impacted by the economical disaster imparted by quarantine measures.

It was designed to pay ode to the culture that has been stifled and to introduce the world to the cinematic magic of Venezuelan music. It embraces Northcutt’s bold virtuosic flair, bringing a sense of warmth to the soundscape that proves that beyond borders and language barriers, we share humanity that defies the suffocating concepts of tribalism and late-stage capitalism. Frankly, we’re obsessed. Venezuela couldn’t ask for a better aural ambassador.

Tonada Del Cabrestero was released on July 23rd and is now available on Spotify. The debut album is due for official release on August 30th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast