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Little Raven – Sailing Stones: Energetically Concordant Latin Prog Rock

We don’t get treated to Funky Latin Prog Rock all that often do we? And what better reason to check out Little Raven’s single Sailing Stones from their EP which is a complexly conceptual soundscape built on the foundations of genres that you won’t hear fused together every day.

Little Raven’s synergistically captivating approach to creating melodies won’t fail to leave you beguiled as the sound is driven by the concordant instrumentals and ethereal vocals into soundscapes that you’ll find it hard to believe that are contained in just one four minute track.

Little Raven’s experimental nature incorporates such a global array of influences that it’s hard to see how their sound wouldn’t be universally adored. I’m not usually one for conceptual albums but when the concept travels through the music like aural alchemy it’s hard to find any complaint. With their influences including Radiohead, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Incubus and Iron & Wine it’s easy to see how creating such a rapturously ingenious melody came so easy to the Nashville based trio.

You can check out Little Raven’s single Sailing Stones from their self-titled EP for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast