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Late Night Cruisin

Summer Energy: Chicago’s The Startin’ Lineup takes us along into the ‘Late Night Cruisin’ (feat. Megan Stacy)

With a sultry energy to get us into the mood to vibe, The Startin’ Lineup helps us flow and kick back to the weekend just the way it should be on ‘Late Night Cruisin(feat. Megan Stacy).

The Startin’ Lineup is a Chicago-based hip hop/R&B group formed in 2004 that comprises of various rappers, singers, producers, writers and sound engineers, who all help make this a sizzling track to truly remember.

With a date night flow, silky vocals, catchy soul beats and a chip-packed raps, this is the story about finding that night light to have you feeling so many better about life and in a content buzz to keep strong all night long. There is much to dive into here – with an experienced outfit who understand what good music sounds like – to help our tired souls replenish rather splendidly.

Late Night Cruisin’ (feat. Megan Stacy) from Chicago hip-hop/RnB group The Startin’ Lineup, is that 2am burger-eating, laid-back chillin’, drink-sippin’ cloud nine song to have you forgetting all your worries away like yesterdays newspaper. This is a summer romantic track to get you into the cheeky mood to have fun, and is one of the smoothest tracks of the year so far. Life can be so good, if you are in the right mindset and with the right people.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen