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Swerving cars to get there in time: Gray raps his way into the hot lane on ‘Last Call’

Gray is a Washington D.C born multi-skilled singer-songwriter, author, producer, and actor who is now based in the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles. He jumps into our minds real quick on the enthralling new single ‘Last Call’.

A lover of the classic Motown music and style, this is an old soul who loves to perform live and give the crowd a night to remember.

The mysterious beginning is brief and grabs your attention closely as the telephone call filters into the speaker and then is finished. The smooth rap lyrical delivery is tight like a speedy UPS driver. There is no messing around here, getting it done is all that matters.

There is no second thoughts here, nothing involving lame indecisiveness and wishy-washy car wash nonsense. This is when you jump in the car to go see her and a speeding ticket is probably on the way but that’s okay. It will be worth it. You shouldn’t be with her but it’s way too good to care or catch feelings at this present time.

His stylish demeanor is easy to spot and the beat matches this self-motivated entertainer who has evolved, made his own lane and is speeding right through it hot. The raps are consistent and so catchy the chorus will be stuck in your brain all week. This is a sign of a top Hip Hop track that isn’t mumble and wack. This is a big boy and big girl music.

Hear this fast-paced single via Spotify and follow his journey on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen