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Blinded By Your Love: Toronto’s Lake Major wonders why they drifted so far apart on ‘Wherever You Are’

With a tearfully heartfelt glance at the past as you remember when you were let down by a soul you loved so dearly, Lake Major expertly slides on his stylish hat and brings us a delicious deep house beat that helps ease the pain on the splendid ‘Wherever You Are‘.

Lake Major is a multi-instrumentalist musician, former punk rocker, drummer, pianist, sound/recording graduate, and electronic producer from high-rise Toronto, Canada. He has an unmistakable ability to fuse songs together that have beautifully haunting melodic soundscapes, mixed expertly by a confident artist in his prime, who keeps things smooth and crystal fresh.

Her vocals simmer into the sea sadly – the fleeting memory of their time together is so romantic – but now soiled and tainted with their distant memory that jumps your heart into a somber state. This is a time that you cherished and wish you could have back, but can’t. You wish them well but regret that you still remember them, as you still feel the hurt deep inside.

Wherever You Are‘ from the skillfully eloquent Canadian electronic music producer Lake Major, is a heart-stopping song that digs deep at your consciousness. You remember when you cared so much for someone and you let your heart open up, only to be let down as they slowly drifted away, to never be seen again.

Sometimes life is harsh and teaches you lessons, you will never forget.

Hear this emotionally-charged single about faded love on Spotify and check out the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen