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Out The Loop: New York’s Lady J Musiq throws out cheating ex lover on excellent debut solo track ‘Heartbreak’

Showing her utter disdain for a weak man who she once cared deeply about, Lady J Musiq rips the mic off the stand with a ferocious delivery up there with the best in the game on ‘Heartbreak‘.

Jalissa Troy aka Lady J Musiq is a sensational New York City-based emcee, who makes that real music about knowing your self-worth and teaches us vivid stories of life growing up in her wild city, which either makes you go up, or breaks you down to dust.

Her flow is so alluring and raspy, you feel her captivating voice deep inside your beating heart as you connect with her pain of being betrayed, her electric attitude is contagious in a good way, as he throws out the rubbish to start fresh again. The beat captures the moment just right, as she drives away from the past so she can ride fresh into a new place, away from a person who turned out to be a slithering snake.

Heartbreak‘ from the exhilarating talent of New York hip-hop artist Lady J Musiq, is a thrilling rap track about a former lover who showed his true colors when you needed him to be loyal. The wandering eye was a dumb mistake from him that can’t ever be accepted, so you packed his bags and ended things before more drama came into the door.

Her straight up attitude shines through and we are witnessing the start of a special journey from a supremely skilled musician, who has that extra bit of quality that you just can’t teach.

See this striking music video on YouTube and wisely follow her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen