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Listen To Lady Electric’s Catchy “Who Has To Know”

Lady Electric are a fresh band with an evidently strong stage presence and some cool groovy lines. In their recent release “Who Has To Know” these guys craft together a catchy expressive chorus with an interesting sense of instrumental arrangement, featuring Fender Rhodes, synths and a steady pumping groove which brings everything to life. Their cool choice in instrumentation and its arrangement truly provide an authentic fun sound somewhat reminiscent of light rock with a very modern touch. The most captivating parts of the song, featuring the extremely memorable and singable choruses, truly bring out the character of the lyrics while also providing a tuneful and catchy melody which would have everyone singing along to it.

With their strong rhythmic sense, tuneful melodies and punchy arrangements, these guys are providing us with an expressive song which is fun to listen to, modern and also reminiscent of some really good music from the past. A distinctively appealing vocal tone expresses the lyrics in a clear and stylish way along with a pronounced beat and melody. Overall Lady Electric have a truly electrifying and exiting sound which will definitely have crowds singing along during their shows, so keep an eye out for their upcoming performances and releases because these guys are definitely on to something good!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja